"Deus criou as pessoas para amarmos e as coisas para usarmos, porque então amamos as coisas e usamos as pessoas?"

sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2019

Como parte do dinheiro foi distribuído

$45 million to Andrew Pearse. Of this, Pearse subsequently sent $2.2 million to Detelina Subeva.
$4.5 million to Surjan Singh
$15 million to Jean Boustani
$5 million to Manuel Chang
$8.5 million to Mozambican co-conspirator 1
$9.7 million to Mozambican co-conspirator 2
$2 million to Mozambican co-conspirator 3
The total payments to two other Mozambicans have been redacted. Elsewhere $15 million is alleged to have been paid to another unnamed individual, who could be one of these two.

The above payments to individuals only identify $90 million to $105 million of alleged bribes and kickbacks. However, the indictment says $200 million was spent on bribes and kickbacks. Because the indictment we have seen is redacted, we do not have the information on who this missing money is alleged to have gone to.

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